New York City: Life like a Movie

Many of you have seen my recent photos from New York. Many of you though that it was another holiday of mine and many of you wanted to learn more. Here we come! Life like a movie in New York City, a unique one-month video experience.

Let’s take it from the beginning, a couple of months ago I was delighted to learn that I have been granted a full scholarship to attend Columbia Journalism Video Workshop.

The idea of the workshop was to provide young journalists with the essential skills to tell a story through video. We were about to learn how to handle the camera, how to use video editing software and the most important how to visualize our stories.

Knowing little but willing to learn a lot, I got landed in New York beginning of June…

Believe it or not, during the first days -and I’m skipping the flight- I was under a cultural shock. Both the “life like a movie” and the whole Columbia experience were overwhelming; first time in the States, studies at Columbia University and the… camera that had to be my best friend.

New things were popping up all the time; apart from Central Park, Skyscrapers and the rest of landmarks, I met interesting people who were willing to let me see the City through their eyes! The video you’ve seen is just a quick preview. Hope you like it, cause more -and not so amateur- will come! 

Life like a movie in New York City, a unique one-month video experience.

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  1. Eva Kamtsiouri

    Impressed!Way to go darling.You are exceptional!

    19 Ιούλιος, 2017
  2. Ria Papadopoulou

    Yiota never seizes to amaze us! Keep going !

    20 Ιούλιος, 2017

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